The service we deliver is an important part of the construction process. We act as liaison between the architect/engineer vision and the rebar fabrication and installation crews. Better quality placing details leads to projects coming in ahead of schedule and under budget. A value, which is enjoyed by both project owner and contractor.

We start with the ability to accept plans either by print or electronic transfer. We then open lines of communication with all involved. From, the Engineer, to the rebar fabricator, from the field installer to state inspector. This communication allows us to meet the general contactors scheduled timeline.

With the improvements in CAD software’s and communication devices, we now have the ability to be available to job sites around the world, from the comfort of our office.


Man Of Steel Drafting Inc. will provide detailed drawings and instructions of impeccable quality with the efficiency required to secure and maintain a permanent customer base.

Our strive for excellence in craftsmanship, timeliness of delivery and attention to customer relationship will create it’s own market.